Quantum Warsaw

Atomic sensors

Understanding of equilibrium and dynamics of ultra-cold atoms for the entangled states generation

Center for Theoretical Physics, Polish Academy of Science, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, Institute of Physcis, Polish Academy of Science

Research topics

  • Atoms in Quantum Information: Entangled states production – prospects and fundamental limitations, quantum metrology, Bell inequalities in many-body systems of massive particles, criteria for entanglement in many-body systems of massive particles.
  • Dynamics of quantum bosonic gases. Nonequlibirum phase transitions – universality of dynamics, formation of defects.


  • E. Witkowska (@) – Group leader (IP PAS)
  • J. Chwedenczuk (@) – Group leader (FP UW)
  • K. Pawlowski (@,www) – Group leader (CTP PAS)
  • T. Wasak (@) (FP UW) – Assistant Professor
  • K. Gietka (@) – PhD student (FP UW)
  • D. Kajtoch (@) – PhD student (IP PAS)
  • 3 undergraduate students